domingo, outubro 29, 2006

Discos Voadores, 28 de Outubro

Uma visita a Versalhes, tendo por cicerones Sofia Coppola e a “sua” Marie Antoinette, é o destino desta semana.

Bright Eyes “I Will Be Grateful For This Day”
Small Sins “Threw Them All Away”
Gothic Archies “We Are The Gothic Archies”
Balla “O Fim da Luta”
Camera Obscura “Come Back Margaret”
Semi Finalists “You Said”
Bow Wow Wow “Aphrodisiac”
The Pipettes “We Are The Pipettes”
Cansei de Ser Sexy “CSS Suxx”
PJ Harvey “Water”
Clinic “Harvest”
TV On The Radio “Hours”
Jarvis Cocker “Don’t Let Him Waste Your Time”
Van She “Kelly”
Spartak “The Parsecs”

Sérgio Godinho “O Às da Negação”
Beck “We Live Again”
Final Fantasy “I’m Afraid Of Japan”
Siouxsie & The Banshees “Hong Kong Garden”
New Order “Ceremony”
Bow Wow Wow “I Want Candy”
Gang Of Four “Natural’s Not In It”
Adam & The Ants “Kings Of The Wild Frontier”
Jesus & Mary Chain “Just Like Honey”
Air “Playground Love”
Windsor For The Derby “The Melody Of A Fallen Line”
The Cure “Plainsong”
U-Cilc “Robot’N’Roll”

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