sexta-feira, junho 10, 2022

Ziggy Stardust, 50 anos [2/11]

Foi a 16 de junho de 1972 que surgiu The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders from Mars, álbum em que David Bowie inventava a sua personagem mais mítica, redefinindo a carreira e, mais do que isso, abrindo um capítulo do rock consagrado às possibilidades de permanente discussão da identidade artística, pública e privada. São 11 canções, aqui metodicamente recordadas — esta é a segunda, Soul Love.

[ 1 ]

Stone love, she kneels before the grave
A brave son, who gave his life
To save the slogans
That hovers between the headstone and her eyes
For they penetrate her grieving

New love, a boy and girl are talking
New words, that only they can share in
New words, a love so strong it tears their hearts
To sleep through the fleeting hours of morning

Love is careless in its choosing
Sweeping over cross and baby
Love descends on those defenseless
Idiot love will spark the fusion
Inspirations have I none
Just to touch the flaming dove
All I have is my love of love
And love is not loving

Soul love, the priest that tastes the word and
Told of love, and how my God on high is
All love, though reaching up my loneliness evolves
By the blindness that surrounds him

Love is careless in its choosing