quinta-feira, junho 20, 2019

Na solidão de Sharon Van Etten

Mais um teledisco do álbum Remind Me Tomorrow: Sharon Van Etten expõe, agora, o labor requerido pelo impulso amoroso, num teledisco em que a solidão criativa se diz através da austeridade da arquitectura — é, além do mais, um dos grandes discos de 2019.

Yes there were japes recalling the years of lost paths
As you open the door and told me how you love me so much
The resistence to feelings was something that you've put down before
But keep quiet of it, as you could not face it anymore

Too much has changed, I can't let you walk in in the night
I wish away my love, leave with the dawn
Acting as if all the pain in the world was my fault
Leave me here, my love, don't say goodbye

No one's easy to love
Don't look back, my dear, don't be surprised
No one's easy to love
Don't look back, my dear, just say you tried

There was a question you asked: is your father a man?
No, but I think you should do ask of yourself the same
What is the difference between now and then I'm not sure
Prove me wrong, my dear, don't say I lied

No one's easy to love