sábado, junho 17, 2017

Algiers, opus 2

Está de volta a paradoxal e fascinante aliança de punk e gospel, habitada por dramáticas memórias afro-americanas, proposta pelos Algiers, banda de Atlanta, Georgia. Depois do álbum homónimo de estreia, uma das grandes revelações de 2015, faltam poucos dias para surgir The Underside of Power. O seu cartão de visita, Cleveland, apresenta-se como um vibrante requiem por cidadãos negros (identificados — ver links) que morreram em "suicídios" na prisão ou situações que suscitaram sérias dúvidas em relação ao comportamento das forças polícias — letra e sons.

I never saw your face but I can tell
You’re there and waiting at the Right Hand

Satan laughs but I swear
I can hear all the saints on their way down

Here come the Shirts in Brown and Black
With the flashing lights
They’re hiding
In different colors in the dead of night
They’re running Waller County, Texas where 4,000 died

And down in Jackson, Mississippi they don’t have to hide

But innocence is alive and it’s coming back one day

Here come the(m) boys in black and white
With the kerosene
It’s been the same evil power since in ‘63
They hang in Homewood, Alabama with the whitest sheets

And in Montgomery County, Maryland from a sapling tree

But innocence is alive and it’s coming back one day

I don’t think you’re gonna get away
With the Seal I can hear them singing

Kindra Chapman (we’re coming back)
Brother Andre Jones (we’re coming back)
Lennon Lacy (we’re coming back)
Sandra Bland (we’re coming back)
Roosevelt Pernell (we’re coming back)
Keith Warren (we’re coming back)
Alfred Wright (we’re coming back)

We’re coming back and any day now — it won’t be long…

The hand that brings the gavel down

Is the hand that ties the noose
The hand that finds you behind
And ties the thirteen loops

But that hand is gonna fold
The day is coming soon
When we fill it full of dust and resurrect the truth