domingo, novembro 25, 2007

Discos Voadores, 24 de Novembro

A reedição do álbum de estreia dos House Of Love é ponto de partida para a redescoberta da banda que, em 1988, era apontada como candidata à sucessão dos Smiths no trono pop indie britânico...

Okkervil River “Unless It’s Kicks”
John Vanderslice “White Dove”
Final Fantasy “Hed Dad!”
Gorillaz “Stop The Dams”
Shady Bard “Torch Song”
Kevin Ayers “Friends and Strangers”
House Of Love “Road”
Sean Riley & The Slowriders “Moving On”
Deerhof “Matchbox Seeks Maniac”
No Kids “Another Song”
New Pornographers “Challengers”
The Raveonettes “One Day At A Time”
Blonde Redhead “Top Ranking”
Clã “Mandarim”
Brisa Roché “Breathe In Speak Out”
Au Revoir Simone “Stars”

Duran Duran “Skin Divers”
The Killers + Lou Reed “Tranquilize”
David Fonseca “Kiss Me, Oh Kiss Me”
House Of Love “Sulphur”
House Of Love “Hope”
House Of Love “Love In a Car”
House Of Love “Man To Child”
House Of Love “Fisherman’s Tale”
House Of Love “Touch Me”
House Of Love “Destroy The Heart”
The La’s “There She Goes”
The Lilac Time “Return To Yesterday”
Love & Rockets “No New Tale To Tell”
Morrissey “Everyday Is Like Sunday”
House Of Love “Crush Me”
House Of Love “Never”
The Weatherman “If You Only have One Wish”

Discos Voadores - Sábado 18.00 / Domingo 22.00
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