domingo, abril 16, 2006

Discos Voadores, 15 de Abril

Esta semana os Discos Voadores apresentam mais um episódio de “discos perdidos”, recuperando o álbum Cardiffians, o segundo da dupla Devine & Statton, em 1990. Ela, Alison Statton, foi a vocalista dos míticos Young Marble Giants, em inícios de 80.

The Raconteurs “Steady As She Goes”
Cindy Kat “Miudo”
Flaming Lips “Yeah Yeah Yeah Song”
She Wants Revenge “Red Flags And Long Nights”
X-Wife “Ping Pong”
White Rose Movement “Girls In The Back”
Pet Shop Boys “I’m With Stupid”
The Streets “When You Wasn’t Famous”
Gnarls Barkley “Gone Daddy Gone”
Devine + Statton “Bizarre Love Triangule”
Gonzales + Feist + Dani “Boomerang 2005”
Kelley Polar “My Beauty In The Moon”
Stereolab “Vodiak”
Droolian (Julian Cope) “Jellypop Perky Jean”
The Weatherman “If You Only Had One Wish”
Spin Hour “First Take”

Melnyk “The Art Of Seduction”
Spartak “King Tubby”
The Knife “Marble House”
Devine + Statton “Enough Is Enough”
Devine + Statton “Lovers Get In The way”
Devine + Statton “A Fact Of Life”
Young Marble Giants “Searching For Mr Right”
La Varieté “Drum Beat For Baby”
Devine + Statton “We Deserve It”
Devine + Statton “Crestfallen”
Devine + Statton “In The Rain”
Alison Statton + Spike “Mr Morgan”
Devine + Statton “Regina And Michael”
Morrissey “You To Me Are A Work Of Art”
ByPass “Ashford”
Bell Orchestre “The Upwards March”

Sábado 18.00-20.00 / Domingo 22.00-24.00
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