domingo, março 12, 2006

Discos Voadores, 11 de Março

Esta semana os Discos Voadores aproveitam o momento da edição de Showtunes, de Stephin Merritt, para fazer uma viagem alongada pelos seus universos criativos, com passagem pelos seus diversos heterónimos.

Cat Power + Keren Elson “I Love You (Me Either)”
Elysian Fields “Set The Grass On Fire”
Stereolab “Vodiak”
Franz Ferdinand + Jane Birkin “A Song For Sorry Angel”
Morrissey “You Have Killed Me”
The Organ “Steven Smith”
Stephin Merritt “In Poppyland”
Spartak “King Tubby”
X-Wife “Ping Pong”
Protocol “Where’s The Pleasure?”
She Wants Revenge “Out Of Control”
Cindy Kat “Substância D”
Madder Rose “Roland Navigator”
Jarvis Cocker + Kid Loco “I Just Came To Tell You That I’m Going
Belle & Sebastian “Act Of The Apostle”
Goldfrapp “Satin Chic”

Gustavo Santaolalla “The Wings”
Faris Nourallah “Christian Flyer”
The Weatherman “Looking For Guarantees”
Stephin Merritt “What A Fucking Lovely Night”
Magnetic Fields “Desert Island”
Magnetic Fields “Xylofone Song”
Magnetic Fields “You’re My Only Home”
Magnetic Fields “In An Operetta”
Future Bible Heroes “From The Dying Star”
The Gothic Archies “Ever Falls The Twilight”
The 6ths + Neil Hannon “The Dead Only Quickly”
The 6ths + Miss Lilly Banquette “Oahu”
The 6ths + Anna Domino “Here In My Heart”
The 6ths + Sarah Cracknell “Kissing Things”
Stephin Merritt “In China, Said The Moon”
The Strokes “Ask Me Anything”
Dead Combo “After Space, Swim Time”
Rufus Wainwright “The Maker Makes”
Sylvain Chauveau “Policy Of Truth”

Discos Voadores. Sábado 18.00-20.00 / Domingo 22.00-22.00
Radar 97.8 FM