domingo, fevereiro 05, 2017

Nova canção dos London Grammar

Depois de Rooting for You, mais um single dos magníficos London Grammar, antecipando o seu segundo álbum (ainda sem data anunciada) — com Big Picture, reencontramos a singular vibração da voz de Hannah Reid, numa paisagem de sons de tocante intimismo.

Love, what did you do to me?
My only hope is to let life stretch out before me
And break me on this lonely road
I'm made of many things, but I'm not what you are made of

Only now do I see the big picture
But I swear that these scars are fine
Only you could have hurt me in this perfect way tonight
I might be blind, but you've told me the difference
Between mistakes and what you just meant for me

Don't say you ever loved me
Don't say you ever cared
My darkest friend

Have you forgotten
All the lies you left there, so fresh
Turning old in the air
And now, you have no weapons
You can try to get close to those I love
Do you really think they don't know what you're made of?

Only now do I see the big picture

Don't say you ever loved me