terça-feira, janeiro 10, 2017

A nudez segundo Jenny Hval

Depois de Apocalypse, Girl (2015), a norueguesa Jenny Hval marcou o ano de 2016 com o magnífico Blood Bitch, anunciado por Female Vampire. Da sua galeria de divagações físicas e metafísicas, surge agora o teledisco de The Great Undressing, realizado por Marie Kristiansen. Ou como filmar a nudez como apoteose do mais austero guarda-roupa — ironia, feminismo e risco imagético, não necessariamente por esta ordem.

Like capitalism
It works like unrequited love that way
It never rests
Just like I need the love I'm not getting from you
And all the people in the world
Are between you and I in that way
And in the way of love

You must be disgusted
But I need to keep writing because everything else is death
I'm self-sufficient, mad, endlessly producing
I don't need money, I just need your love
Or your approval, anything

Like capitalism

Any sign is a promise of love, of being exposed
A stage ritual undressing taking a place of consumation
I'm here writing, working, making myself
Available for love
Making myself available for love
Because I love you

I just need a sign
Any recognition is a reward
Because I love you