sábado, setembro 03, 2016

Nick Cave — uma canção antes do álbum

O novo álbum de Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds, Skeleton Tree (nas lojas a 9 de Setembro), vai ser lançado através de um filme realizado por Andrew Dominik, One More Time With Feeling, com exibição única no dia 8 de Setembro. Tal apresentação ocorrerá em apenas 650 salas de todo o mundo, duas delas em Portugal, ambas UCI (Lisboa: El Corte Ingles + Porto: Arrábida 20).
Entretanto, foi divulgada uma primeira canção de Skeleton Tree — chama-se Jesus Alone e surge nesta magnífica austeridade.

You fell from the sky
Crash landed in a field
Near the river Adur
Flowers spring from the ground
Lambs burst from the wombs of their mothers
In a hole beneath the bridge
She convalesce, she fashioned masks of clay and twigs
You cried beneath the dripping trees
Ghost song lodged in the throat of a mermaid

With my voice
I am calling you

You're a young man waking
Covered in blood that is not yours
You're a woman in a yellow dress
Surrounded by a charm of hummingbirds
You're a young girl full of forbidden energy
Flickering in the gloom
You're a drug addict lying on your back
In a Tijuana hotel room

With my voice (...)

You're an African doctor harvesting tear ducts
You believe in God, but you get no special dispensation for this belief now
You're an old man sitting by a fire, hear the mist rolling off the sea
You're a distant memory in the mind of your creator, don't you see?

With my voice (...)

Let us sit together until the moment come