sábado, junho 25, 2016

Kyle Craft: a comédia dos sexos

FOTO: Sarah Cass
Admirável revelação do primeiro semestre de 2016, com chancela da Sub Pop, Kyle Craft já tem um teledisco: Eye of a Hurricane é uma insólita comédia dos sexos, filmada com a ligeireza de quem experimenta a fragilidade feliz da sua imagem — a realização é do próprio Craft, em colaboração com Tyler Bertram.

Well you sleep in late but she's up and out the window
Said nothing's gonna carry you to get where the wind blows
Sometimes, she wakes up in the middle of the night cries acid rain
She tried, to ride the fence of falling in love and going insane

Oh, she took you, you were terrified
You're locked in man, your hands were tied
She leaned in just to crush your heart
She plays it cool till the music starts then she's wild
She goes wild

Her mother was a demon but her daddy was the devil
She fed scraps to a six headed hound at the table
Then you charmed and I was blown away the skin in the skies of a mortal man
And darling I, I know I can't take the fire but I can take your hand

Then she burned you
And whispered: Come back when my daddy's gone
We'll kiss down in the catacombs
You knew then that you had to go
Her kiss was sweet her curse was cold and you tried
Yeah you tried
And you still try

Oh, she took you, you were terrified
You're locked in man, you're in her sights
She leaned in when the music stopped
She hit the street when the curtain dropped, you went wild
You went wild